Both academically and as an activist, Rémy has been working on LGBTI-issues in Eastern Europe for the last few years. By the end of this academic year, he will have concluded the European Master programme on Human Rights and Democratisation of EIUC. Last year, Rémy graduated from the Free University of Brussels as a Master in Political Science. There, he wrote a Master Thesis on the impact of Europeanisation on LGB-politics on contemporary Ukraine. Therefore, he conducted field research both in Kyiv and Brussels.

Since February 2019, Rémy is working on a dissertation on the foreign actors supporting the countermovement to LGBTI-equality in post-Cold War Hungary. One of the hypothesis is that Russia is one of the major players in influencing the anti-LGBTI movement in Hungary. This research is being conducted within a research exchange programme in Budapest in the scope of his studies at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation.


In general, Rémy’s main interest is on how the fight for LGBTI-equality constitutes within the power politics of international relations, mainly concentrated on post-communist countries within and outside the European Union. (With Russia as a major factor in spreading institutional homophobia)

Rémy has been covering stories, wrote op-ed’s and analyses on LGBTI-topics in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. These have been published by both Belgian (major newspapers and magazines like De Morgen, Knack and De Standaard) and international media (Bild, Al Jazeera, LGBTQ Nation, The Advocate, Gay Star News, PinkNews, EurasiaNet, Radio Svaboda…).

Rémy was also nominated by the Dutch TV Channel OUT tv for their 2018 Media Award, an award granted to the most LGBTI-friendly media personality.

As a lecturer in LGBTI-Politics, Rémy travels around Europe to talk to LGBTI-organisations about the situation in their countries and in the EU.

Contact Rémy Bonny:

+32 495 81 91 14 (WhatsApp Only)