World politics has been Rémy’s passion since his childhood. At the age of 14 he was chosen to represent Belgium at the International Youth Conference on Climate Change Bright Green Youth in Denmark.


Nowadays Rémy is a political scientist. He studied the Bachelor and Master Programme at the Free University of Brussels(VUB). During the first half of 2017 he did an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Warsaw. During this particular period, he could develop his interest in Central & Eastern European politics and LGBT+ issues in post-communist states. During the ‘3xVeto’ protests against the judicial reforms in Poland, he was asked by Al Jazeera to share his views on the topic. Since September 2018 Rémy started specialising in Human Rights and Democratisation at the Global Campus for Human Rights in Venice.

As mentioned above, Rémy’s specialising in International LGBT+ Politics. As a part of his curriculum to obtain the Master of Science in Political Science at the Free University of Brussels Rémy wrote a dissertation on the impact of the European Union on LGBT+ politics in Post-EuroMaidan Ukraine. Besides Ukraine, Rémy has a particular interest in LGBT+ Politics in the Visegrad countries and the Post-Soviet Republics in the Southern Caucasus.

Since December 2017, he is also volunteering as an editor at ZiZo magazine, Belgium’s biggest LGBT+ magazine. At this magazine he covers LGBT+ stories in International Relations. His work has also been covered by The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, GayStarNews, PinkNews, De Morgen, De Standaard and several other LGBT+ media across Europe.

Contact Rémy Bonny:

+32 495 81 91 14 (When in Belgium)
+39 331 2419451 (When in Italy)