Open Letter on Chechnya to UN Security Council Members Belgium, France, Germany, UK & USA

'An Attempt To Genocide Should Be On The Agenda Of The Security Council' - Rémy Bonny.


Chechen LGBTI Refugees in Europe Start Fundraising Campaign

The Netherlands-based organisation LGBT World Beside wants to collect as many money as possible to support Chechen refugees who fled to Europe. Political scientist Rémy Bonny spoke with their leader. 

🌈 One Year Later: Chechnya’s Concentration Camps For Gays

During spring 2017 the Western world was shocked about horrible stories from young gay men living in Chechnya. They were detained in so-called concentration camps for gay people. In these camps they were being tortured. There are also some reports of deaths. European leaders called for immediate action by Russian president Vladimir Putin. Putin promised … Continue reading 🌈 One Year Later: Chechnya’s Concentration Camps For Gays